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Kraken onion vk15.at

After you have registered and already got to the KRAKEN website, it is quite logical if you have a question, how can I buy a ban. And most importantly, how can I replenish the account of the site, so that no one would know about it, because buying a ban is, to put it mildly, a dangerous occupation. We talk about all the nuances of buying goods on v5tor.at

How to fund your account and buy products on the v4tor.at marketplace

It is possible to top up your KRAKEN account in several ways. The first is a direct transfer of funds from your cryptocurrency wallet. If you have bitcoin, then without any problems you will deposit money into your kraken onion account. If you don’t have a crypt and didn’t have it, then use the exchanger. You can exchange your SBER or money for QIWI, for KRAKEN funds. This can be done easily through the section of the site.EXCHANGER. Just indicate what you would like to give and how much to receive. The next stage is the choice of goods and the transaction. Everything here is like on all marketplaces. Choose the appropriate category, look at the seller's reviews and, as a result, pay for the goods. You are given a map that indicates where you need to drive up for the goods. The only thing left to do is to pick up the products and write a review about the store that sold you the ban.